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Mrs. Charles Webster (top left)

Louisa Alice Frances Calder married Charles Fox Webster in about 1856. She was the daughter of Sir Henry Roddam Calder, Bt.

Mrs. Wemyss (top right) (by Camille Silvy)

Mrs. Wemyss was Millicent Ann Mary Wemyss, née Kennedy Erskine, the wife of James Hay Erskine Wemyss, M.P., who was appointed Lord Lieutenant and Sheriff Principal of Fife in 1864. She was a granddaughter of Archibald Kennedy, 1st Marquess of Alisa, and of King William IV.

Alma Lovell (centre) (by Messrs Day)

Alma Lovell was the daughter of Captain Francis Frederick Lovell and Lady Rose Caroline Mary Somerset.

Lady Templemore (bottom left) (by Southwell Brothers)

Lady Templemore was Laura Caroline Jane Paget, daughter of Sir Arthur Paget and Lady Augusta Fane. In 1842, she married Harry Chichester, 2nd Baron Templemore. They had two children.

Lady Rose Lovell (bottom right) (by Messrs Day)

Lady Rose Caroline Mary Somerset was the youngest daughter of the 7th Duke of Beaufort and his wife Emily. In 1846, she eloped with Captain Francis Frederick Lovell.

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