Albert Ricardo’s Letter to the Editor of the Reading Mercury



Sir,—I must apologize for troubling you on a subject in which the general public can have no interest, but my attention has been called to an advertisement in your Journal of 28th ulto., headed—£10 Reward, and signed by Jonathan Bond, in which my name appears in a paragraph as follows, “Mr. Ricardo stated he had seen a letter to Captain Etheridge from me in which I accused the man Davey of being dishonest and everything that is bad;” I beg to say that I have stated nothing of the kind; herewith I give you the simple facts of the case: When Clifton Davey had received notice to quit his situation at Boulter’s Lock after a lengthened service, by the desire of numerous gentlemen in this neighbourhood, I went to the office of the Thames Conservancy to ascertain the reason of Davey’s abrupt dismissal, and, if possible, to obtain his reinstatement. I was courteously received by Captain Burstall, the secretary, who told me one of the reasons for Davey’s being discharged was his having, contrary to rule, given credit to the boats passing through the lock. The secretary read me a paper certifying that Davey had given one, Bond, (who lets out boats) credit to the extent of about 40s; this paper, or declaration, was signed Jonathan Bond. I own to having mentioned the above fact of having been shown this statement and I may have added that as this credit was given at the solicitation of and to oblige Bond, his signing a declaration, which he must have been aware was to be used to obtain Davey’s dismissal, was scarcely a generous act on Bond’s part.

With the remainder of Mr. Bond’s curious composition I have no concern, but in conclusion I would call your attention to an advertisement for a subscription to Clifton Davey, which I understand is to appear in your next impression, by which you will perceive that the residents of this neighbourhood consider Davey to have been harshly treated.

I am, Sir, faithfully yours,

Albert Ricardo
Ray Mead, Maidenhead, 2nd December, 1868

Reading Mercury - Saturday 05 December 1868
Text reproduced with kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive.