The elopement of Lady Rose Somerset and Captain Francis Lovell

… Mr. Linton had the honor of performing the nuptials of a Duke's daughter. This was Rose Caroline Mary Somerset, a daughter of the seventh Duke of Beaufort, who eloped to Gretna Green with Captain Francis Lovell, the son of a Hampshire squire. In this case the reason for the clandestine marriage may be inferred from the fact that the young lady's sisters were provided with husbands in the peerage, one becoming the Countess of Londesborough, a second the Countess of Kinnoull, and a third Lady Ormathwaite. The Lovells of Hinchelsea, Brockenhurst, have an honorable lineage extending over several centuries, but no commoner, it may be supposed, would satisfy the ducal pride.

Lady Rose Somerset, it is said, first met the fascinating young officer at a county dance near the garrison town in which his regiment was stationed, and the acquaintance quickly ripened into a love which defied social conventions. It is not known from which of the Beaufort houses the elopement took place; either Badminton, in Gloucestershire, or Llangattock, in Wales, would be a long journey from Gretna Green. But by 1846 several railways had been constructed which facilitated traveling to Scotland, and, as Captain Lovell's bride was over age, they could have had little fear of pursuit. Lady Rose, let us hope, lived “happily ever afterwards” with the husband for whom, in taking this daring step, she surrendered her high rank. At any rate, she was blessed with several children before she died in 1885.

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In the same dance was Lady Rose Lovell, the young daughter of the Duke of Beaufort, whose elopement at the age of seventeen with a gallant one-armed soldier had been condoned, so that she still played her part in the Court gala.

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The Lady Rose Somerset, fourth daughter of the Duke of Beaufort, whose elopement from Badminton was noticed in a recent Courier, had been married to Captain Francis Lovell, under circumstances which suggest the inference that a thorough reconciliation had taken place.

Recent British Intelligence, March 17, 1847.