Shooting party

The Earl and Countess of Stamford have been entertaining a large party of friends for several days at his lordship’s seat, Dunham Massey, Cheshire, during which time his lordship had a shooting party. On the 4th inst. the Earl of Stamford, Earl Strathmore, Sir G. Wombwell, A. Walsh, Esq., H. C. Taylor, Esq., E. Tredcroft, Esq., and Captain St. George Caulfield killed 140 pheasants, 14 partridges, 80 hares, 416 rabbits, 4 woodcocks, 3 wild ducks, and 7 various wild fowl. On the 5th the same party, with Colonel the Hon. Cecil Forester, killed 190 pheasants, 35 partridges, 325 hares, 63 rabbits, 10 woodcocks, 2 wild ducks, and 2 wild fowl. On the 6th the above-named gentlemen, with E. Haworth, Esq., killed 191 pheasants, 11 partridges, 109 hares, 125 rabbits, 3 woodcocks, 1 wild duck, and 6 various wild fowl. On the 7th his lordship’s party, with the exception of H. C. Taylor, Esq., killed 3 pheasants, 50 partridges, 42 hares, 2 rabbits, 2 woodcocks, 2 snipes, and 7 grouse. Total, 1845 head of game killed.

London Standard - Friday 21 Dec 1855
Text reproduced with kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive.