THE CAMBRIDGESHIRE STAKES were decided as follows, at the... Races, on Tuesday last:–

The Cambridgeshire Stakes of 25 sovs. each, 10 ft., and 5 only if declared, with 100 added. Cambridgeshire course. 149 subs., 48 of whom pay 5 sovs. each.

Mr. Leigh’s The Widow, aged, 7st. ............. (Pettit)1
Col. Bouverie’s War Eagle, 3 yrs, 8st 3lb ... Robinson)2
Mr. Rolt’s Collingwood, 4 yrs, 7st 12lb ...... (Rogers)3

The following also started, but were not placed:—Dulcet, Lady Wildair, The Cur, Patriot, The Prior of St. Margaret’s, Grimston, Blackbird, Nottingham, Vanish, Blackie, Foreclosure, Tragical, Reminiscence, Giselle, Rufus, Clermont, Valiant, Montpensier, Hydrangea, Rough and Ready, Master Downes, Wanota, Brown Bess, Colleen Bawn, Queen Mary, Doctrine, Sagacity, Ulysses, Rob Roy, Geraldine, George Hudson, Fistiana, Deriades, and Pillage.

Betting at starting—6 to 1 agst Hydrangea (taken,) 6 to 1 agst Queen Mary, 7 to 1 agst Geraldine (taken,) 12 to 1 agst Blackbird, 12 to 1 agst Patriot, 14 to 1 agst Giselle, 15 to 1 agst Vanish, 20 to 1 each agst Collingwood, Lady Wildair, and George Hudson, 30 to 1 each agst Fistiana and Foreclosure, 33 to 1 agst the Widow (no backers,) and 33 of 1 agst any other.

Valiant jumped off first, followed by the Widow, Sagacity, Rufus, Deriades, and the Prior of St. Margaret’s, several others lying well up, but so wide that it is impossible to describe their positions. War Eagle laid near the centre, and in the rear were Collingwood, Reminiscence, and Queen Mary, none of whom got off upon good terms. Valiant held the lead till near the Duke’s Stand, when the running was taken up by the Widow, War Eagle immediately after getting into the second place, with Collingwood, Lady Wildair, and Foreclosure in his wake. This was the order to the end, the Widow maintaining a decided lead, and winning by a couple of lengths. The same between second and third, and half a length between Collingwood and Lady Wildair. Run in 1 min. 58 sec.

Coventry Herald - Friday 29 October 1847
Text reproduced with kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive.